Drug Possession & Trafficking

Why You Need It:

  • To avoid maximum penalties
  • To have your interests represented

The penalties for drug possession and trafficking are harsh and they can drastically change the course of your life. Our attorneys are here to help you.

Though it may seem your options are limited, there are defenses that our attorneys can help you build for your case. We will analyze the evidence and create a plan with your best interest in mind.

Notable Drug Possession & Trafficking Cases

State v. Kern 831 N.W.2d. 149 (Iowa 2013) Convictions for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, possession with intent to deliver, and failure to possess a drug tax stamp overturned.

State v. Dolph, 2012 WL 3590060  (Iowa App. August 22, 2012) Convictions for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and possession of marijuana reversed and charges dismissed.

State v. Goemaat: Evidence suppressed resulting from a traffic stop where the officer’s only justification for initiating the stop was that the driver had air fresheners hanging from the rear-view mirror. Mr. Kemp argued, and the court agreed, that this common practice does not violate Iowa Code Section 321.438’s prohibition of driving with an obstructed view. As a result of the suppression, the felony drug charges were dismissed.

State v. Freeman: Defendant found not guilty by jury on charge of being a felon in possession.

State v. Yasumura: Evidence suppressed as result of unlawful search and seizure and charges dismissed.