Why You Need It:

  • To avoid maximum penalties
  • To have your interests represented
  • To protect your rights

In the arena of felony law, the rules are complicated and the punishments are severe.

You must ensure you are being represented diligently by a team that knows your rights and will fight doggedly for a positive outcome. For many felony cases, you will be required to hire an attorney, so choose wisely and consider Kemp & Sease.

The majority of felony cases are settled before they go to trial. Sometimes a settlement is the best outcome, but for the times you have to assert your rights in a courtroom, pick a team that has been there before. That team is Kemp & Sease. We can help and we’ll fight for you.

Notable Felony Cases

State v. Clarke: Evidence suppressed as a result of an illegal search and seizure and charges were dismissed. The court found that the defendant did not voluntarily consent to the search and the officer did not have reasonable suspicion to search the defendant’s person.

State v. Freeman: Defendant found not guilty by jury on charge of being a felon in possession.

State v. Cardenas: Defendant found not guilty of willful injury (Class C felony – guilty of lesser-included simple misdemeanor assault charge).